Finance Options

If you are purchasing a tiny for sale, you can secure it by paying a $15,000 deposit and pay the remainder prior to collection.

Custom tiny home builds are scheduled into the workshop once a $15,000 deposit is recieved and contract signed. These buils are paid for in even installments; Confirmation of Custom Design, Trailer, Frame, Lock-up and Completion. They can be collected once full payment is recieved.

Typical options for tiny home finance are caravan loans, lines of credit, personal loans and mortgage extensions. Handypay and Stratton Finance offer a fast and easy service and have loans that are tailored to suit the tiny home buyer.
For loans greater than $75,000.00 call
Sam Rahmani at Stratton Finance on:
0426 855 361 or 0422 119 991
or email Sam via:

For more information on our Finance please email: