• Make your tiny home dreams a reality. Tell us what you are using the tiny for and we will guide you through the design and build. All yours from the trailer up: choose your size, floorplan, utilities, windows/doors, materials, colours and fixtures.

    Our design service free because it is the key mechanism of communication between our custom clients and our workshop. We work with you to create your tiny home using clear budget break-downs and specification schedules, plans, sections, elevations and fly-through modelling. Sometimes design work will happen over the course one or two meetings, sometimes more. Every customer and every tiny home is different!

    Once you are certain you would like to go ahead, you can secure your build timeslot in our workshop by paying your deposit (link). This can happen before, during or at the conclusion of your design work.


For our custom Tiny Home builds we offer progress payments as follows:

Booking Fee (non-refundable) $15,000.00 (secures your position on our build schedule)
Stage 1 – Confirmation of Custom Design $2,500.00
Stage 2 – Base Trailer
Stage 3 – Timber Frame
Stage 4 – Lock Up
Stage 5 – Completion Ready for Pick Up

If you are looking for finance, there are a number of items to remember. Our Tiny Homes are legally classed as caravans and are issued with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Your personal credit will determine what type of finance you can get from a bank. Some typical options available are – caravan loan, line of credit, personal loan, extension of an existing mortgage (you must have enough equity in an existing property to qualify).

Click here for information about a loan through Stratton Finance or HandyPay


Our Tiny Homes are legally classed as caravans so when it comes to insuring your Tiny it should be insured as a caravan. All our tiny homes are issued with a vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which is generally all the information you will be required to obtain a quote.

If you need advice about insuring your tiny home we recommend you get in touch with Paul Bentvelzen at Ian Hewitt & Associates. Paul will be able to find you the best insurer for your tiny home because Paul owns a Tiny Home!

To book in your first design meeting, please email: