Independent Series

The Independent Series by Designer Eco Tiny Homes is like having a little sanctuary. This customisable model is all about making a space that only contains exactly what you need, where you call the shots! If you want a tiny home that's wonderfully cosy and minimalistic, then customising the Independent Series is your ticket to a tiny home paradise.

Inside these custom tiny homes, you can choose how you would like to establish your sleeping space, where you want your kitchen, and even what kind of roof makes you smile. You can opt for a loft bedroom or a ground floor space that hugs the windows for the perfect sunrise wake up call. It's like being an architect and sculptor, shaping your tiny universe. Whether you fancy a cosy retreat by the lake or a snug spot in your backyard, the Independent Series tiny home is the path to turning those dreams into reality.

Independent Series 4800

This tiny is a great size for extra accommodation at home or for a
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