Rainwater Tanks

Run your existing tank water to your tiny or ask us to quote supply. A pump can be fitted to your tank or to the tiny to increase water pressure if needed.

Alternatively, we can offer a 10,000L rainwater tank including water pump, downpipes and fittings. However, due to transportation costs, you may be best to speak to your local plumber about a more economical solution for you and your tiny.

We offer a large tank because if you are running low on water and require water haulage, after paying the delivery cost of your water, we believe it is best to be able to store as much as possible in your tank.

All of our tiny houses come with a narrow drip line in order to comply with transportation requirements. This allows for a small amount of water catchment, however you can interchange this drip line with a proper guttering system for premium water collection once your tiny home is permanently placed.

Our tiny homes use gas hot water heaters to provide constant hot water supply efficiently, at an affordable price. If you would prefer electric hot water heating, speak to our team about options when you enquire about tiny homes.

This video can give you more information on our drip line system as well as how to install a quad guttering system for premium water collection.
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For more information on our rainwater tanks please email: