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All our Tiny Home models come with solar power! The electrical system includes a 250w solar panel, 20amp MPPT charge controller and 105AH AGM battery storage to power all the lights. A 15amp inlet power point is also fitted to allow for owners to connect their Tiny Home to an external power source to run 240v power for electrical outlets and appliances. We call this a hybrid solar/mains system. If you would like more solar power and run all your 240v power outlets and appliances from your solar system we have a number of packages for you to consider:

If you choose any of our solar packages you must consider the power usage and the appliances you want to run on the system. Some high-powered items like an electric kettle, toaster, hair dryer, and air conditioning are not able to be supported by the solar system. So, alternatives should be substituted where possible. For example, electric oven should be swapped for a gas oven. 240v fridge swapped with a 12v fridge. Boiling a kettle should be done on the gas cooktop and toast in the oven grill. It is important to remember that going solar requires a change in the way you think about and use power. The more you can do while the sun is shining on the panels the better off the system will be. The size of the inverter determines the appliances you can use, but the amount of battery storage tells you for how long it can be used.

All our solar packages come with a battery charging system. It is advised that you have an external power source as a back-up in case of overcast weather. In most cases a generator is used. When you need to charge the solar system you simply plug in the lead to the 15amp inlet power point and it will automatically charge the batteries. If you want air conditioning added to your Tiny Home, we run a separate circuit for its power. The air conditioner should not be connected to the batteries as it will drain them too fast. If you require the air conditioning to be used, you plug in your external power source and while it is powering the air conditioning system, your solar batteries will be boosted at the same time.

Tiny Home solar systems have two main restrictions to manage – weight of the batteries, and roof area for solar panels. If you are looking to increase your solar system, then we do offer a solar trailer. It is an independent trailer to your Tiny Home that houses twice as much solar battery storage and solar panels. This can be parked near your Tiny Home and manoeuvred in the prime location for maximum sun exposure. Simple connect the Tiny Home to the solar trailer with a 15amp power lead.

Solar Trailer $24,990

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