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As per advice from the NSW Government we are excited to announce that from Monday, 11 October, we will be able to take appointments for tours. We ask that you continue with the COVID protocols by wearing a mask, washing your hands and signing in. We thank you for your patience and consideration. 1300 334 153

Just Plane Cosy

Soul Wood


Tiny Home Big Views

rozanne & bailey


Tiny Home Videos

Adventure Series 4800SL
Adventure Series 6000SL
Adventure Series 7200GX
Studio Series 3600
Studio Series 3600NL
Independent Series 4800SL
Graduate Series 6000DL
Graduate Series 6000DLS
Lifestyle Series 7200DL
Lifestyle Series 7200DLX
Lifestyle Series 7200GB
Lifestyle Series 7200SL
Lifestyle Series 7200SLC

Tiny Home Deliveries

Off Road Delivery
Delivering Bonnie!
Lifestyle Series 7200DLX
Independent Series 4800DLX

Tiny Home Know How

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions (cont.)
Sloping Sites & Unipiers
What Interior Lining Do We Use?
BAL (Bushfire Attack Level)
Tiny Home Toilets
Offgrid Toilet Options
More On Compost Toilets
The Compost Toilet Discussion Continues ….
Heating & Cooling Your Tiny Home
Double Glazed Windows & Doors
Tiny Home Insulation
Lofts & Skylights
Tiny Home Flooring
Bathroom Ventilation
End of Series

Tiny Tips

Kitchen Door Handles
Timber Edges
Cutting Into Metal
Painting Tips from Shane
Going On The Road
Kitchen Drawer Adjustments
Blocking For A Shower Rail
Cutting with Precision
Floating Shelves
Straight Walls

Tiny Extras

Air Conditioning
Timber Flooring
Loft Ventilation
No Wheels Option

Grant’s Solar Tips

Solar Trailer
Solar Trailer Maintenance

Marc’s Delivery Tips

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