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Need a lift?

If you don’t feel up to the task of towing your new Tiny Home from our workshop, or you simply don’t have the vehicle capable of it, we do offer a delivery service Australia wide. Our current tow vehicle is a Ford F250 XLT 4×4 with a tow capacity of 4500kgs. With its 4WD capability, this vehicle allows us to get your Tiny Home even in remote locations. Fitted with both front and rear towing points, and a large electric winch, there aren’t many spots we can’t get your tiny into.

See the following costing map for an estimate price. For a fixed price, simple call or email our office with your actual address for delivery and we can confirm the price.


There are several things you must consider before committing to a Tiny Home. An important one is access! Can you fit a Tiny Home into your desired location? Our price for delivery includes up to 40min onsite manoeuvring the Tiny Home into position. For any extra time, a service fee for the two drivers and vehicle will be charged at a rate of $110 per hour. So, to not incur any additional charges you must make sure you have adequately cleared a path. Often the drivers are delayed as they assist owners cutting back limbs from low lying tree branches! Although they may not have seemed low prior to the Tiny Home arriving, 4300mm high roof line catches a lot of owner out. The drivers bring a timber saw on a pole and will help clear the path if needed. But to save yourselves some costs, best to prepare in advance.

Once the Tiny Home is placed in your desired location, the drivers will unhitch your Tiny Home from the tow vehicle and secure the hand brake. The corner levelling jacks will be lowered, and the wheels will be wedged to prevent movement. It is then the responsibility of the owner to connect the Tiny Home to services and install any onsite fixings or structural supports.


Alternative delivery options:

All our Tiny Homes are approved for travel on any road in Australia. If you have a friend or family member with the appropriate tow capacity for your Tiny Home model you can tow it yourself or have them tow it for you. Also, there are several tow truck companies that are capable of towing Tiny Homes. If you have a simple location with plenty of access for the truck, then this can be a better option. If you are in a paddock or bush location, then best confirming with the company first about the remote access and their trucks capability.

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