Need a Lift?

The experts at Tiny Towing can organise delivery and quote for on-site set-up assistance, Australia-wide.

To arrange a site inspection prior to purchase, for a quote on delivery or for advice about what will happen on delivery day, text your delivery address to:
Marc on 0400 808 490.


All our Tiny Homes are approved for travel on any road in Australia. If you have a friend or family member with the appropriate tow capacity for your Tiny Home model you can tow it yourself or have them tow it for you. Also, there are several tow truck companies that are capable of towing Tiny Homes. If you have a simple location with plenty of access for the truck, then this can be a better option. If you are in a paddock or bush location, then best confirming with the company first about the remote access and their truck’s capability.


If you would like a delivery quote please email: